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Even though Steve grew up on the famed Delaware River in NY, mention dry fly fishing and the first vision he gets is of a massive steelhead erupting from the bottom of a river to intercept a skittering deer hair bomber. When he was 13, his brain was poisoned by a trip to the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY. Ever since, he can be found taming salmon, steelhead and browns somewhere in the Great Lakes Region throughout the season. During slow period he can be found flyfishing for crappie and drifting the Delaware for trout, smallmouth and walleye. When he is not in his waders he enjoys creating his own fly patterns to tempt his victims. These days Steve spends the majority of his time fishing the Great Lakes Region by way of NY, PA, OH and Canada for migratory trout. Friends who have fished at his side or seen pictures of him working his mojo dubbed him “Steelhead Steve.” He regularly hosts trips to his favorite haunts for the local fly shop to spread the venom that infected him. With a nickname and a following a man has no choice but to promote the outdoors and the fishery that has had a major impact in his life. He can be reached streamside on his cell phone at (845) 522-1354 or by email

All the reels are awesome but the one that suits me the most is the 5 Plus .The 5 Plus is so versatile between the large and mid arbor spools that I can go from nymphing trout to catching steel with a switch rod all by changing out a spool .