Rich Hudgens

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Rich Hudgens


For fifteen years, Rich has guided on all five of the maddeningly complex rivers that comprise New York’s Upper Delaware River system. He excels as a guide, an instructor, and conservationist.

Over the years, Rich has Guided at two of the area’s premier outfitters as their Head Guide. Rich’s “river cred” and the clients that repeatedly request him have made him one of the most sought after guides in the area. Keen knowledge of the subtle nuances of the sport set him apart, along with his rock-solid work ethic and calm, reassuring style with clients. He knows how and when to modify his tactics (sometimes ever so subtly) to ensure success. In fact, after multiple successful outings, a couple of Rich’s clients nicknamed him “TopShelf.” Rich strives to guide on these rivers 12 months of the year and is usually able to make the conditions work for him--and his clients.

When not guiding, he travels the Northeast speaking at various fly-fishing clubs and events.

Many people follow Rich on Instagram to share in his outdoor exploits. Using the handle @therealflyfishrich, he posts daily about fishing, nature, his children, hunting and his other passion: snakes. Rich spends considerable time scouring the mountains of upstate New York searching for and photographing snakes, especially Timber Rattlesnakes. Rich takes pride in educating people and dispelling some of the many myths that surround snakes.