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Paula Shearer lives in Calgary, Alberta and is an avid fly fisher. She got her love of fly fishing at a young age from her father who enjoyed the outdoors. At the age of 8 she was taught the “basics” of fly fishing, and by her early teens she was rowing the boat out into the summer lakes alone in search of trout.

Living so close to the Bow River enables her to fish nearly every day of the year, weather permitting. In the summer months she can be found hiking to Alberta’s southern streams and lakes. A lot of her time is spent drifting down the Bow, casting to rising fish and throwing streamers to the banks in search of aggressive trout. When she’s not fishing the Bow River or mountain streams and lakes, she spends her time exploring new water in search of different species.

In the spring and winter months when possible, Paula heads west to British Columbia to swing flies for wild steelhead. In the evenings she occupies her time tying flies in preparation for the days ahead. She enjoys sharing her love for fly fishing by mentoring those who are new to the sport. When not working or fishing you can find her helping out at local fly shops. Paula has had the privilege of hosting and co hosting ‘Fly Nation’, and has also appeared on the ‘In The Loop’ TV series. Both series are currently airing on WFN and Wild Network. She has also been fortunate to have some of her photos and articles published in a few magazines. Paula will be guiding the Bow River in the summer and fall months. She proudly represents Hatch Outdoors and G.Loomis Rods as a pro staff member.