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Mark Burns


Born and raised in Western, Pa. Like most kids Mark started off in farm ponds for Bass and Bluegil transitioning off to Trout with a fly but quickly that progressed into predator fish which is where his love for bucktail started. From processing to dying, each one has its own unique features and attributes that makes it perfect for larger flies. When Mark is not tying fall through spring he can be found chasing Musky and Pike. As a commercial tier and a guide he strives to share his knowledge about his flies with clients. Its important they understand why the flies act the way they do, learning tactics with lines and presentations they can take back to their home waters and have success. Mark’s true passion lie in Musky as this fish allows him to not only be creative at the vise with large platforms and different tying techniques but they also makes you earn each and every one as they’re not an easy commodity to come by.

Still residing in Western, Pa the numerous lakes, rivers and creeks provide countless options for a virtually year round fishery. In 2018 Mark took over Urban Fly Company with a handful of Musky patterns. Since then its grown into a full line up off predator flies that have chased fish worldwide and a guide service offering floats, walk and wade and lake trips for Musky, Pike and Smallmouth. Although Musky are never a given, one thing is for sure……you’re gonna have a good shore lunch!