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Lisa Jakubowski




I am Lisa and i'm a passionated flyfisher from northern germany. Fishing has been always a little old fashioned to me until i bumped into flyfishing in my early 20's. Since then i was hooked, and try to spend time with it as much as possible.

Flyfishing is a Lifestyle which gives me a lot of menthal strength in life. What i like most is the deep connection to nature and wilderness. My home playground is of course the baltic sea with its magical sea run brown trout and europes Biggest brackish water Region with one of the best pike populations in the world. i feel free when i can stand in the rough see, let the wind Blow though my mind, smell the salty air and chase "the fish of a thousand casts“ like many call the sea truts. I am specialized in seatrout and Pike fishing, these are my Favorit fish to target when i'm Not on the Road to Explore the World. Flyfishing already took me to the deepest jungle of the amazon, cuba, norway, sweden, denmark, austria, italy and slovenia. I love every Fishery ,Wether it's fine dryfly fishing or swinging big streamers for the badest fishes as long as i spend lots of time with the best hobby in the world.

In Corporation with The Flyfishing Nation i love to share my experiences and skills to people who are also as addicted as I am.