Jeff Arnold

Jeff Arnold is a country boy from rural Missouri. He grew up hunting and fishing the Ozark’s, which is where his love for the out of doors and everything in it was nurtured. Working in agriculture, fabrication and a couple other “real” jobs lead to a real case of wanderlust. This ushered in a complete lifestyle change into the fly fishing industry, which turned quickly into guiding.

Fast forward to over 2 decades as a professional guide. Jeff has guided and worked in the industry from Alaska to Belize, and a few stops in between including: Montana, Idaho, Missouri, Florida and Louisiana. It’s now Southern Louisiana that Jeff calls home year round, save for a small break in the winter back to Missouri to visit family and friends.

Jeff is a real nuts and bolts kind of guy. Always fussing with gear, tackle, boats, trucks, flies etc, striving to make everything in his control work perfect all the time, every time. When not guiding or working in his boat shed, you’ll find him on the water scouting for upcoming trips. His own quote is to “Put the ‘fish’ back in efficiency “! There is very little wasted time or energy on his skiff, devoting as much effort into fishing as is possible.

Joining the team at Hatch Outdoors has been an opportunity that Jeff takes very seriously. Wonderful gear and a great group of people to work alongside, what could be better? If you’re planning a trip to the marshes of Southern Louisiana, give Jeff a shout (Note: you may have to skip lunch!).