Capt. Greg Moon

I grew up with saltwater in my blood and a crusty salt film on my skin and hair./p>

Born and raised on the beaches of Southern California, my earliest memories are of me chasing schools of bonito with a nine foot rod down the jetties that run along the sides of so many beaches there. While my friends all spent their days surfing as kids, I spent my days out at sea watching my backing disappear on yellowtail, mako sharks, and the pelagic fish that roam the Pacific. I went to college at the University of Santa Barbara so I could spend my time in between classes on the water. I graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy.

I have since spent the years travelling the globe chasing fish with a fly in a never ending pursuit of new and exciting species. Four years ago I moved to New Orleans to become a full time guide and fish the most prolific saltwater fishery in the United States. It is my passion and obsession and I won’t rest until I help you fulfill your dreams on the water.