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Capt. Chuck Ragan

From lakes and rivers of Texas, E. Tennessee & N. Georgia., bayous of SW Louisiana or the inshore/offshore salt and freshwater of Florida, Ragan grew up chasing fish. With a cajun mother and Florida boy father, both avid anglers, he held a rod early on.

The Ragans moved often, due to his father’s profession as a Veteran PGA pro, teacher and coach but the road always ended in water. Aside from their parents, Chuck and brother Paul fished aside paternal grandparents on the intercoastal of Daytona Bch. and maternal grandparents around Holly Bch., LA. As well as the Blanco River on The Halifax Ranch outside of Kyle, TX. Fishing was a way of life in the family. Father Dave Ragan always seemed to relocate the family around prime fisheries whether he meant to or not and having a mama born and bred into it didn’t smother the flame one bit. As a teen, Ragan fished bass lakes, beaches, inlets and canals in Sarasota on the Gulf of Florida. With itchy feet in 94, he left for Gainesville, FL. unknowingly continuing what would end up being his music career. As his band Hot Water Music became an international touring machine, Ragan saw the world. Moving to Gainesville followed by Micanopy in early 2000 where he learned from Kip Street & Bill “The Gill” Sorton, new methods of angling and woodwork. When not working, you’d find him off the coast of Saint Augustine, Cedar Key or Shellmound chasing Redfish, offshore winching grouper or poling lilies, hunting bait, heavy bass or striper on Rodmans Reservoir, The St. Johns or the Suwannee River. In early 2000, Ragan left the South for California to marry Jill and continued a trade in carpentry, songwriting and fishing Pacific waters. He kept touring, this time with fishing rods in tow. As an angler and traveling musician, Ragan takes advantage of prime zones and seasons to fish while sharing music across the globe.

Relocating to Grass Valley, CA. in 07, he continued his career in music and began exploring waters in Northern California through the end of a fly line. Encouraged by peers Matt “Gilligan” Koles, Hogan Brown, Ryan Johnston and Clay Hash, Ragan became a licensed guide and vowes that it was the organization, Cast Hope that was the driving force behind taking the step of switching gears and careers. Ragan began slowing down on touring with his music and began guiding for the non profit organization Cast Hope to help give a new perspective to kids who’ve yet to find the passion and reason to protect our natural resources. Always positive and fired up, he lives to see people light up when their rod bends and believes in giving others the knowledge of the outdoors, fly fishing, teamwork, independent confidence and the importance of respect and conservation for all to carry and pass on themselves.