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Andreas Peter Rasmussen





I was born back in 1991 and held my first fly rod in ’98. To me, fly fishing is pure happiness and it is one of the main things that fuel my life. I have ventured into many corners of the world in the search of the dream fish. Fly fishing gives me the freedom of which many people dream about. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe just with words.

On a daily basis, I work in a fishing store in Copenhagen. Besides that, I make nationwide fishing TV, I work together with Getaway Flyfishing as a travel and fishing guide, I am an instructor at the Danish Sportfishing Association, And I teach angling at a evening school and guide when there is time for it.

However, my main passion is undoubtedly the art of dry fly fishing and saltwater fly fishing. I have spent countless hours behind the vice and even more by the water around the world – especially New Zealand and the Maldives have caught my interest and it will not be long before I am back stalking fish in these pristine waters.