TJ Massey

It seems like this was T.J.Massey’s calling. His father and his two older brothers showed him what fishing was all about at the early age of 4. His family and friends are not suprised he has been guiding professionally for over 19 years.

T.J. is a native of New Mexico and was raised on the famous San Juan River,which is nestled in the northwest corner of the state. It seemed only fitting that he would turn his love of fishing into something that he could share his knowledge and passion for this sport with people of all walks of life. When he first started guiding right out of high school people often asked how long he planned on guiding and the answer was “probably for the summer and then I will get back in school”. Well here he is 14 years later with just as much passion for the sport and maybe a few extra wrinkles on his face.

T.J. started his own guiding business, San Juan River Outfitters, four years ago after working for other local fly shops. He gets great satisfaction out of his profession. Not only does he have some of the most beautiful views from his office, but he also has the opportunity to share his love of casting a fly, with people from all over the world.