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Rich Strolis


Rich Strolis is an independent guide on the Farmington River in the state of Connecticut. A transplant of sorts of over a decade ago, he grew up just north of the line in the foothills of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Learning to fish at an early age, Rich converted to fly fishing at the age of 11 and hit the ground running. Shortly after he learned how to tie flies and a lifelong passion ensued. Always wanting an edge, Rich spends a great deal of time on the water refining techniques, designing new patterns and helping others hone their skills. Rich primarily ties custom flies of his own design combining new and old materials alike, and he has a real addiction with throwing large articulated flies for big hungry trout. His website is a gathering area frequented many as he produces monthly fly tying videos that demonstrate many of the tying techniques that he utilizes. When not guiding or fishing he’s chasing his two little girls, Tessa and Nora, spending time with his wife Megan. A trout fisherman to the bone, there’s not a trout stream he’s passed that he hasn’t set foot in.

“4 plus Finatic is what I turn to for all my basic trout tactics. Whether its managing nymphs or slinging high floating bugs this is the reel I endorse fully for my 4-5 weight sticks.”

“5 plus Mid Arbor. My default 6 weight streamer reel. From floating lines to sink tips this reel covers the bases.”

“7 plus large arbor. My big articulated streamer reel of choice. When the 6 won’t handle the flies I’m throwing and the 8 weight is the weapon of choice, this is the reel I use. Also my default flats reel for stripers and steelhead on the Great Lakes.”

“9 plus mid arbor. This reel is the work horse reel for my switch rods line weights 5-8 in lengths from 101/2 feet to 13 feet. The reel has the capacity to hold a long running line, skagit heads and tips with copious amounts of backing."